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Miguel's Story

Miguel Rivas, Jr.As a lifetime resident of the southwest, I have always been very fond of the people and beautiful landscapes. Growing up in El Paso, TX has also led to my strong appreciation for a properly functioning A/C unit. So it comes as no surprise that I take great pride in a company that continually strive to provide comfort to its neighbors.

Strong family values have been the foundation and reasons for my continued success. My business practices are simple and to the point, "do good work". I was lucky enough to grow up with a father who exemplified what it meant to have an unfaltering work ethic and a mother who appreciated the value of a dollar. It's because of the simple reasons like those mentioned, why you as a valued customer can depend on MD's honest work and prices.

The six years that I have spent in the HVAC industry has provided me the opportunity to meet many great people. Through these encounters, I was lucky enough to cross paths with my business partner, Dave Stodden, who happened to share my views on what kind of service customers deserve. Dave and I continue to cultivate the kind of customers we want to serve, those who appreciate awesome leadership, true teamwork and superior customer relations. Our combined knowledge and experience can all of our customers commercial or residential needs.

We here at MD's Cooling and Heating make a conscious effort to treat every customer as a family member or friend, if not better..... you can count on it. 

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